Use Local Models

Omnitool enables you to utilize models that run locally on your system. Follow this guide to begin integrating and using local models with Omnitool.

Supported Local APIs

For a detailed list of all the local apis supported by Omnitool, visit Omnitool Local API templates. Here is a quick list of supported software that allows to run models locally:

Steps to Activate Local APIs

  1. Install the Local Software:

    • Make sure to install the necessary local software. Follow the instructions provided on their respective websites or GitHub repositories.

  2. Verify Service Status:

    • Ensure that the local software is active and running properly.

  3. Select and Install Local API:

    • Navigate to the side menu and click the Local APIs button in the sidebar to view the local APIs supported by Omnitool.

    • Choose the desired Local API and install. Note: Install here refers to integrating the local service into blocks.

  4. Locate Installed Blocks:

    • Once installed, you can find these blocks in the 'Add Blocks' section of top menu. For instance, here's how to find the block for Automatic1111.

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