Omnitool blocks are versatile utility blocks designed for enhancing user interaction and data processing in the recipe. These blocks include:

Chat Input and Output

Facilitate communication through a built-in chat window, allowing users to interact with recipes effectively.

Data Input

Comprises various data types input like text, number, image, document, file etc. providing convenient way for data entry and manipulation.

Text Manipulation

Essential for text formatting and processing during interactions between various models. These blocks, particularly the Text Template block, are specialized in adapting text to specific formats, ensuring optimal output within the recipe.

Data Transformation

Blocks that are essential for converting and manipulating text within recipe, allowing you to transform text into structured JSON formats, manipulate JSON objects with expressions, and even convert arrays of images and captions into markdown documents. These functionalities are key for users who need to reformat and prepare data for further processing or presentation within a recipe.

File Operation

Cater to file output needs, including saving files in specific formats and adding metadata, enhancing accessibility.

Recipe Operation

The blocks streamline the execution and integration of recipes with external systems, enabling the output of recipe results to be utilized in REST API calls.

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