Q: Yarn Install Failure due to Missing Python 'distutils' Module in Python 3.12

A: If you're encountering a failure during yarn install due to the absence of the 'distutils' module in Python 3.12, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Run Our Fix Script:

    • We have developed a fix script that can automatically detect and resolve potential issues related to this error.

    • To run the script, execute node setup\fix.js in your terminal.

    • This script will attempt to rectify the issue and prepare your environment for a successful yarn install.

  2. Manually Install 'setuptools':

    • If you prefer a manual approach or if the script does not resolve the issue, you can install the 'setuptools' module using pip.

    • Run the command pip install setuptools in your terminal.

    • 'setuptools' is a collection of enhancements to the Python distutils that allow for easier building and distribution of Python packages, and it should help resolve the missing module issue.

  3. Retry Yarn Install:

    • After applying the fix, run yarn install again in your project directory.

Q: Oops something went terribly wrong: Error: Could not locate the bindings file.

Q: .pnp.cjs error

A: This error typically occurs when there is a .pnp.cjs file located in a parent folder (like /.yarn) that conflicts with Omnitool's operations. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the .pnp.cjs File:

    • Check the parent directories of your Omnitool project for a .pnp.cjs file. This file is often found in a /.yarn folder.

  2. Resolve the Conflict:

    • Option 1: Delete the .pnp.cjs File

      • If this file is not required for other projects, you can safely delete it.

      • Be cautious and ensure that removing this file does not affect other projects relying on it.

    • Option 2: Clone Omnitool in a Different Folder

      • If the .pnp.cjs file is needed for other projects, consider cloning your Omnitool repository into a different directory where no .pnp.cjs file exists in any parent folders.

  3. Re-Run Omnitool

Q: `Permisson Denied' Error on node_modules

A: To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Existing node_modules Directory:

    • Run the command sudo rm -rf node_modules in your project's root directory.

    • This command forcefully removes the existing node_modules directory and all of its contents.

  2. Reinstall Dependencies:

    • After successfully removing the node_modules directory, run yarn install to reinstall all your project dependencies.

    • This command will create a new node_modules directory with the correct permissions and all the necessary modules based on your project's package.json and yarn.lock files.

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