We are currently testing installers for Windows and macOS. Until those are publicly available, please follow the manual installation steps.

Manual Install

This guide will help you download the Omnitool software, and then build and start the Omnitool server in a directory running from your local machine.

You can then access the Omnitool software from a web browser on your local machine.

  1. Prerequisites

Ensure you have the latest versions of the following software installed:

  1. Get the Source Code

  • Open a terminal

  • Navigate to where you want Omnitool to be installed

  • Use the following command:

  git clone

This will create the omnitool folder.

  • Now navigate inside Omnitool's folder. By default:

  cd omnitool
  1. Install Source Dependencies

Run the following command in the root of the repository to install the necessary dependencies:

  yarn install
  1. Build and Start the Server

Now we will use yarn and Node.js to build the server software locally on your machine and then start it running.

  yarn start

See Configuration for the available parameters.

When successful, you will see the following message:

◐ Booting Server
✔ Server has started and is ready to accept connections on
✔ Ctrl-C to quit.
  1. Open Omnitool in a Web Browser can now be accessed from:

Explore the Code For a list of scripts we use internally, try running:

yarn run

Other Installation Methods:

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