Available Parameters for yarn start

When running the yarn start command, you can customize its behavior by using various parameters (options). Here is a list of available parameters along with their descriptions:

  • -u, --updateExtensions: Update all extensions.

  • -rb, --refreshBlocks: Refresh block definitions.

  • -px, --pruneExtensions: Prune deprecated extensions.

  • -R, --resetDB <scope>: Reset the database on startup. Valid scopes are blocks and settings.

  • --chown <user>: Reparent all unowned files in CDN storage to this user.

  • -ll, --loglevel <level>: Set the logging level. Default is set to the server's logger level.

  • --emittery: Enable emittery debug logs. Always disabled on log level silent (0).

  • --verbose: Enable maximum logging level.

  • -purl, --publicUrl <url>: Set the external address for services that require it. Default is the server's public URL.

  • --fastifyopt <fastifyopt>: Advanced Fastify options in JSON Object format. Default is set to limit the request body size to 32MB.

  • -p, --port <port>: Overwrite the listening port. Default is 1688.

  • --openBrowser: Automatically open a web browser.

  • -nx, --noExtensions: Disable all non-core extensions.

  • -s, --secure <secure>: Enforce a secure connection. Default is false.

  • --dburl <url>: Connection URL to the database.

  • --dbuser <user>: DB admin user. Default is

  • --viteProxy <url>: Specify the Vite debugger URL.

  • --autologin: Enable automatic user login.

  • --uncensored: Disable NSFW (Not Safe For Work) protections.

  • --flushLogs: Flush logs to the database.

  • -l, --listen <addr>: Sets the interface the host listens on (required).

Please find the latest options in this code:

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