We provides a suite of blocks for OpenAI powerful models, including GPT3/4, GPT4-Vision, Text Embeddings, DALL·E 2/3, TTS: Text-to-Speech, and Whisper: Speech-to-Text etc.


Ensure you have the following before you begin:


Adding OpenAI API Key

  1. Navigate to the API Key Manager in the left panel.

  2. Enter your OpenAI API token here.

Using OpenAI Blocks

After adding your OpenAI API key, you can access various OpenAI blocks within Omnitool:

  1. Go to the "Add Block" collection in Omnitool.

  2. Search openai namespace

Access to GPT-4 API: According to OpenAI, access to the GPT-4 API requires meeting certain criteria as detailed in their help article. If your account is new or lacks sufficient payment history, you may not see the GPT-4 model in the model options.

Billing Clarification: The OpenAI API is not the same as ChatGPT Plus billing. Ensure you are accessing the OpenAI Platform API for the correct billing information.

Credit: If you haven't added a payment method, make sure you have enough API credits available. Otherwise, you may encounter errors when calling the API. To check your API credit balance, visit OpenAI Platform Usage.

Additional Resources

For developers and users seeking more advanced configurations and troubleshooting resources for these blocks, refer to the OpenAPI and block specifications on the

For more detailed information about OpenAI API's offerings and capabilities, visit the official OpenAI docs.

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